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Episode 21 – Would you rather…

Would you rather Ryan Kessler or Tomas Plekanec?  Would you rather a great power-play or great 5-on-5 play?  Would you rather keep Price and Halak or trade one of them? Most importantly, would you rather fart blue smoke or burp green myst?  Okay I just made up that last one, but in case you haven’t noticed, our latest podcast is full of questions that need answers.  Listen in…

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#1 dusty on 03.28.10 at 5:02 pm

Kessler, 5 on 5, and Halak. Habs are soft and lack leadership. Both Kosts have to go as do Spacek, Gill and Hamrlik as well as Metro, Laps, Bergeron and the coach and GM and the President. If Pleks wants long term and 4+ mil let him go. He’s a good player but the Habs need some muscle and a new identity. This speed and skill thing only works if you have speed and skill. The Habs have some speed and a little skill here and there, but no toughness. When your toughest player is 5’6″, you’re toast which the Habs are for the foreseeable future.