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Episode 22 – Habs Radio Pessah Edition

On the eve of Passover # 5770, we put together our noggins to discuss some pertinent issues in Habsland.  Is Andrei Kostitsyn overrated?  Will he still be a Hab next year?  If you had to pick one, would it be AK46 or his little bro SK74? What’s wrong with the power play and how can Martin fix it?  Most importantly, will Pat manage to avoid eating bread for an entire 8 days this year?

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#1 dusty on 03.31.10 at 11:21 pm

My comment last week may have seemed a tad harsh but after watching the ‘Canes outwork and outclass the Habs once again at the Bell Center it seems fair. The Montreal Canadiens are a bad hockey team with no heart or desire to win. The coach has to take most of the blame for the lack lustre efforts this team puts forth and has to be fired at the end of this season. He cannot be allowed to continue even if he can speak french. It is possible that the ‘Canes will finish ahead of the Habs. Can you believe that?

The Habs may well go 0 for April and this might be a good thing. Maybe the rage of the fans just might force the changes that are needed. I for one would prefer that to getting blown off the ice by the Capitals after winning the tie breaker over the Thrashers or Rangers or yes the ‘Canes.

I believe Pat will avoid bread for 8 days (just as the Habs will avoid winning for the same period) and I’m betting you know my answers to all your questions without my having say a word.

I really enjoy your opinions. Your podcasts are great and look forward to picking all this up next year.

Thanks again and have a great summer.

#2 Patrick on 04.10.10 at 2:52 pm

Thanks Dusty! I indeed went 8 days without bread….and I have the constipation to show for it. OK…TMI, I know.

Thanks for the comments pal, keep it up.

Fingers crossed for tonight.