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Price is Pitch Perfect Pro

Youre Alright With Me

You're Alright With Me

It’s now been two days since Carey Price was booed off the ice of his home arena. Part of me believes that after the Halak trade, this had to happen. The fans wanted to vent some anger, as misdirected as it was, to Pierre Gauthier. Price was also bound to have some bad games, as all players are. Better to swallow the bitter pill now than later.

Ominously, I am also hearing people say that Carey Price will leave the Habs the minute he is able to. The relationship between him and the fans is fractured. Irreparable. Carey is fragile. He is finished here.


The truth is, no one will remember this half-way into the season if the Habs are playing well. Yes, I am sure Carey’s feeling are hurt, as they should be, but listen to what he said yesterday. He sounded pretty defiant. I would say he was pitch perfect: ”Relax, chill out, we have lots of time. We’re not winning the Stanley Cup on the first exhibition game.”

He also stood up for himself: ”I don’t know what (the fans’) message was but I don’t think it’s the correct way to go about things…when you get in a crowd, people are a lot more brave.”

He also went on to say that he looked at earning the No. 1 spot in Montreal, and playing well, as a challenge and he did not want to back away from it.

It sounds to me like Carey Price really has matured. He has something to prove and he knows it. He owned up to a bad game and admitted that he had some work to do. And he also stood up for himself by correctly pointing out that its not fair to boo anyone on your home ice this early in the (pre) season  - To the Gazette letter-writers who say booing Carey Price is like booing Bono if he forgets the words at a U2 concert, I say bullshit again. Bono isn’t from here. He is not in a battle of the bands contest representing the city of Montreal, he is not in his home arena and he is not wearing the Montreal colors. And if you don’t like paying $200 for an exhibition game, don’t pay for it. No one is forcing you.

Where were we? Yes….I am sure Price was hurt by the boos, anyone would be, but on Thursday, at least, he sounded like someone with more confidence in himself. He sounded hyper-aware that, on the eve of his fourth big-league season here, he knows what to expect and that he shouldn’t let himself be affected too much.

Despite his poor play on the ice, Carey Price has at least handled his first off-ice challenge of the new season like a seasoned pro.

Props go to his teammates, who stood by their goalie with force and pride. Jacques Martin? Not so much (“The fans here are passionate and they have a right to express their opinions” ).

Tune in on Monday for our new podcast, when Eric, Tal and I debate the fans reaction to Carey Price, some of the new prospects, and special review NHL 2011.

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#1 carl on 09.25.10 at 1:44 pm

sometmes price couldn’t stop a beach ball

#2 Patrick on 09.25.10 at 4:09 pm

Sometimes Patrick Roy couldn’t stop a beach ball. It happens to every goalie. The point is this: Will Habs fans allow Price to develop into a great goalie, or not? I agree that management rushed his development too soon, but that’s not his fault. Nor is it his fault he was anointed the next savior. All he can do is play the best he can and work hard and put on a good attitude. I think he is doing just that.